Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Okay.....I did it this time!

You can't see me can you?
Okay, yes I'm hiding. I didn't know my tail was showing. I have just chewed up some of Mommie's Christmas ornaments while she was upstairs looking for something. I knew I wasn't suppose to do it cause she had already given me one to play with but I just couldn't help it. They all looked too fun!!!! Luckily they weren't her MOST favorite and she did find a couple cool one's to replace them with on here next trip to the thrift store!

Uh Oh, she found me...I really thought I'd found a good hiding spot. How was I suppose to know the blanket on the couch wasn't covering my popo? Goodness!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ebenezer Scrooge....

There are so many who have taken on the role of Mr. Scrooge. I indeed have may favorites however, it doesn't seen to matter which one I watch, they all bring a tear to my eye....ok several tears! The Muppets Christmas Carrol is up at the top of my favorites. There is just something about "Christmas Present" that brings such a smile to my face and places joy in my heart. I remember when the kids were all home and still in there teens they use to limit me to how many times I could watch it in a row. I would always sneak in a couple extra when they lost count! 
Sue has requested we fore go the celebrations this year due to Rosie's cancer. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been my favorite of all Holiday's. It's been terribly difficult for me to see the house so much the same as every other day. I guess my Christmas gift this year will be passing up the celebrations at home. I have spent many hours on line looking at everyone else's decorations trying to plan for next year which seems way to far away. 
The bell is so pretty close up, it is covered with sequins.  I love the pinecone and wooden one's, especially the rocking reindeer!
I will be spending Christmas Eve with the kids this year. Seeing the Grandkids is always a good time. This year Doug will be B-B-Qing 3 different kinds of meat for something a little different. We had the typical Thanksgiving feast so this will be a nice change. I'm going to be making scalloped potatoes and yams with the marshmallows on top! I also picked up a package of brownie mix to make for dessert. There is nothing quite a good as brownie's hot out of the oven! Here are a few more ornaments to take a peak at. I'm hoping to be able to take close pics later. I haven't been feeling well and can't seem to take a pic without shaking the camera and a close up blurry pic is not very pretty to look at. LOL 
Here's the whole bunch. The candle in the back right is a handmade felt and sequins. The two wreaths are also hand made.
The two Santa heads are something I found in a bag of ornaments from  a thrift store. I was so surprised, when I looked them up on line, to discover they were in fact vintage.
The two tall snowman candles in the back are one's I've had since the 70's.  My daughter called me last year after coming across them on line. She was as surprised as I was to discover there vintage status. I also have a few vintage figurines that were handed down from the kid's GreatGrandma Cecile.
                                      A mixture of figurines and candles, Santa's and Snowmen!

Card Baskets...

I love these cool card baskets. I have another one I'll add tomorrow. The images are so wonderful!

More Christmas Ornaments...

Thrift store finds. The large Santa's beard feels and looks like the spun glass of old. I love the little crochet one's. They are simply adorable!
The sequined one on the left is a new find from this year.

A few of my Fave Santa's, all collected from Thrift Stores over the last couple years. The tray in the back is a decoupage project from several years ago.

I made the bottle brush tree in the boot. It was such fun, I want to make many more this coming year!

I think the tiny one on the top step of the ladder is my favorite here. It surprises me that being as tiny as it is, it has found it's way to my home!
I just found the handmade circle Santa this year and the little card board one is from last year.


I LOVE Chocolate! Can you believe the basket is made of chocolate too! OMGoodness.....I'm in heaven!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Didn't Do It....

Ok...my mommy discovered that I was NOT the one that peed on the new rug. It was this $^%#$@ cat. So I've decided that I need to have a good talking to with Jazzie so she stops getting me into trouble!

Ken's Wardrobe

I found this at a local antique show. I found a booth that was 3 for $10. I bought this, a doll and a darling poodle. I think I've posted them already but will add them to this section a bit later. I'm still debating on whether or not to paint this white. I don't plan on selling it and would like it to look a bit more girlie even thought it says "Ken" on the front.

Barbie Case

My first e-bay purchase and most likely my last. I have to say it was a bit too stressful for my liking. However, I do have to admit I could not have gotten such a nice case for the amount I paid for this one, it was only $23.00. It is in such amazing condition and the seller really helped make it a positive experience.

Emmet Otter...

If you've never seen Emmet Otter and his Jug-Band Christmas you should. It is a precious way of teaching us once again the importance of the holiday message of "Giving". Anyway I found this adorable little Otter at Goodwill for only $.59. It looks just like Emmet. Just looking at it brings a smile to my face, and not much is doing that for me this year. I'm going to send it to my daughter Joani for Christmas and hope it brings the same smile to her.
Childhood memories of Christmas surround us no matter where we are, they follow us from place to place, year after year. I hope the memories you make with your family are by far the best part of your Holiday's.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My New Cousin...

This is Junie my new cousin. She lives in California. She's a boxer rescue. It's a good thing she lives there cause she HATES the rain. Her momma had to buy her a new coat, which she loves, so she can go out and not get too wet. Hopefully we will get a pic of her modeling her new coat so she can show it off. I heard it's very cute!

Vintage Ornaments

These ornaments have been collected from local thrift stores and a couple antique stores. I haven't payed more than $3 for any one ornament. Many came in full gallon size zip lock bags for $3-$5.
Once I began looking for these I was surprised the number available for such reasonable prices. I haven't had as much time to shop this year so I'm really glad I found these over the last couple years.

It Was a Ruff Morning...

I've had a very ruff morning! I pee peed 3 times on mommies new rug and that was after I had puked outside. She doesn't know what I got into and I'm not going to tell her. I still don't feel very good.
This pic was taken the morning after I was up every 2 hours puking a couple weeks ago. As you can see I really didn't feel very good.