Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doggie Tongue Wagging...

What's she thinking? Nap perhaps...
Paisley and Chloe. 

Come here...you got something on your nose!
Hey, hanging my tongue out helps me balance!!!!
Oh my...big yawn, scary momma...
Hey...I see your tonsils...helloooooo down there.
Can you see my tonsils? 

My New Trailer...

Wow...What a deal I found on my trailer! I'm so excited to be able to provide an awesome place to enjoy the beach from! I can just see summers spent with the grandkids! What great memories we will be able to make. I thank the Ferndale School District for the great job they provided me with for 14 years and the retirement fund that I was able to use to purchase this with and be able to enjoy it BEFORE I get called home to be with the Lord!

2001 KeyStone side 1
And...side 2
1st step inside the trailer.
I'm so pleased with the width of the trailer. I could live here at some point and  not have that "closed in" feeling since the slide outs are on opposite sides to create the nice wide center.
I was thrilled with the kitchen area being so open and the lay out is great for cooking and visiting at the same time and right by the door out for any b-b-q we will be doing!
Opposite the kitchen is this free standing table and chairs. I like the table being free standing, it will be great for any crafts I will be doing. Cool huh?

And...as you can see the couch is between the wall and the table. It's the first thing you see as you come in the door.
Up front you step into the bedroom with the walk-around-queen bed . I haven't  actually walked through it so I'm not sure where the closets are. 
Oops...I think I see the closet!!!!! I like the glass mirrors...and the sink separate from the shower and throne!
Speaking of.....looks like you can even close a door for privacy!
How exciting! I think we might be going to see it tomorrow! Yea!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bite Me

Bite Me
Bite Me by luvsvintagedays featuring black umbrellas
Black Water...The Color of Painful Choices

Lace & Such...

I found this old plastic sewing case at a local antique store with all the lace inside for only $5. I couldn't wait to snatch it up and plan on using it for pillows, blankets and doll clothes I will be making.

Seattle Crazies....

Viaduct view heading North.

Tunnel proposed for viaduct replacement.

Historic Federal Building in the way of the tunnel.
Not to mention the ageing seawall that's to the west of the viaduct's proposed tunnel.
This has been an ongoing discussion/debate for longer than I can remember. We've been told for quite some time that if we were to have an earthquake of epic proportion this viaduct would be a death trap. Of that I have no doubt whatsoever!!! However, while everyone is debating exactly what to do about it, it continues to age. Finally, the new Mayor has decided to go ahead with the most expensive and longest to construct "tunnel". Well, as of the todays news, it looks like the "Feds" have put a kabaush (can't find this in the dictionary)  on the whole tunnel idea since it still owns the building under which the tunnel is to be placed. Why the big deal? Well...it seems the building has been there since the early 1900's and was the original building of the great Seattle fire. Not to mention the continuously shifting ground in the area makes the whole area a bit unstable.
So why do I find this so interesting? It will be interesting to see who wins. The Feds say no one involved with the project will be allowed on the property any more and the transportation department in charge of the project says it's not going to be a problem because there are many ways to shore up weak beams under the building! My vote goes to the Feds who have a history of having the "last word"! In the mean time...age of the viaduct continues and we continue to pray for no earthquakes of epic proportion.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pink...I LOVE Pink!!!

I really could live with a kitchen like this!
Look at the black and white floor with the cute pink square under the table!
I seriously like this fridge!
This is the same idea but not build in. I'd take either one!
I'd really like a stove like this. It's so cute!
Remember the crushed velvet years? Wow...been a while! 
Ok...I'm not to sure about the green with the pink but I guess it was a big thing way back when.
Ya, the tub and throne are pink but everything else is green!
Cute huh?
Remember when....I have to admit I'm a coke drinker, and I remember going to the salon with my Mom and seeing her under the hair dryer !!!!
Ok, ya I'm not a pepsi girl, but ya gotta love the pink!
Pink and Blue for the Coal Stove? I thought the add should be geared more toward the male of the day?
Pretty pink lil' thing!!!!

Snowed again...

I sat and watched all 3 inches of snow fall. It is by far my most favorite thing to do. It is  so peaceful, soft, and just simply beautiful!

This was around 10:30 pm. It continued to snow until after midnight.  As the weather man promised, it warmed up and was all gone by morning!

Tommy's Race Cars...

Tommy's Car parked in the back of the garage his family owned.
Close up.
I don't know much about these last two pics other than the protection gear they wore back then wasn't even as much as skate boarders wear today!
Compared to racing today these cars look like death traps!

Vintage pic...

This is my Grandmother and Grandfather whom I have never met. My Grandmother passed away when my Mother was 18 months old. She hemorrhaged after a botched abortion. My Grandfather  raced cars. My Mother was 10 when his final race took him. He had remarried and never got to see his new baby when she was born.
They were tough years back then. My Mother has told me many stories which I'm in the process of putting in chronological order as best I can.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

After Christmas...

This is from One of my Favorite Christmas shows, "The Year Without a Santa Clause".

There's the matching snowman hanging from the latter. The little colorful one  still has the sticker "Made in Japan" with directions for peeling the backing off and placing on a package for decoration.
Isn't she cute?
The 3 ornaments on the stairs still have their "Made In Japan" tags on them.
I just love the bright colors of the horse and the seal. The Santa is another satin ornament. The clear bell ornament with the snowman inside is so cute. These are a rare find where I live!
I know it's after Christmas but I wanted to share some more of my favorite vintage ornaments gathered from
The snow lady and the little bird on top of the chair  are made from the satin balls. 
 my thrift store outings. I love the little elves. I wish I had many more they are so adorable. I can hardly wait for next year when I get to decorate!


Isn't this the sweetest little face? Ya, well this sweet lil' face doesn't miss a chance to get into my "things" and chew them up!!!!! STINKER!!!!!!
I'm in the process of moving my craft area from one side of the upstairs to the other side.  I have this thing about the area I'm working in feeling homey and where it was just didn't fit the requirements.
So far I've found a pencil with tooth marks outside, my book with the cover and table of contents chewed up, and my Eyor keychain on its way downstairs via Paisley's mouth. I have to watch here every second! STINKER!