Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victoria Secret Fashion Show...

Not from the show but Christmasy for sure...Watching the show is so cool especially after watching shows like Project Runway. Now I know how much work really goes into the final product that walks the runway! It may not be for me but you just have to admire the workmanship and imagination that goes into these beautiful creations!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thrift Store Finds...

Here's just a few items from my thrift store shopping. The couch will be a craft project for later. It will be pink and white when I'm done.

$4.00, not Barbie brand but mini just the same!


Both sets were $2.00 each.

Snow Storm...

It hit fast and hard bringing freezing temperatures that brought snow to play in and making our roads an ice rink! The I-5 became a 5+ hour home to miles of drivers just trying to get home from work. Things were still at a stand still at 11:00 pm. What a nightmare! 
Here's some pics of around the house. I love the snow, it's even better when ya don't have to go anywhere!
Lil chickadee looking for a winter meal.
Bird bath is frozen inches deep.
So pretty when the sun is shining but it's still so bone chilling cold out!
This little tub sits just outside our back door.

Close up icecicle.
Pailsy Lyne and her show dog stance!!!!


Happy ThanksGiving...

I have an important message from a real Turkey...
I saw this at one of the local antique stores and couldn't resist sharing it! I think the tag was around $30-$40. Cute Huh?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Love

Pink Love
Pink Love by luvsvintagedays featuring leather jewelry

My first polyvore project. I've listed it under art and expression. It's fun if nothing else!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Wreath

Here's one of my projects from last year. I had so much fun making this. I had found vintage ornaments at several thrift stores I'd visited and even added some from the dollar store.  I've been collecting what vintage ornaments I could find the last couple years including stockings, and table cloths. I have more pics to share later when I'm feeling better.

What a Wind Storm...

Wow, We actually lost power during this last wind storm. That's pretty unusual considering we live in the city. Our small wind chimes blew off their hook and across our small front porch. The 4ft. fence in the back blew down, and it was incredibly boring from 8:30pm until about 9am while the power was out. I wouldn't have minded so much had my iPod been charged so I wouldn't have to listen to the upstairs of the house creaking most the night.
This will be a short post since I'm not feeling well this week. I'm pretty sure my Sjogren's is flaring up again. To much sleeping, eyes so dry they burn when I put the drops in, not to mention the nasty angry dreams I've been having. Pretty sure they are from my meds. but knowing that doesn't help. Just biding my time waiting for it to pass. I'm not pleased that it's around the Holidays because I have so many fun crafts I want to get done. That's what's so irritating about having a chronic illness, you can always count on it being an issue during the busiest times of the year.
I will be going Christmas shopping on Monday and to the kids for Thanksgiving. Sure hoping to have some of my energy back for those 2 days.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Antique Shopping...

Pics of my wish list. The bear is made from an old bedspread, but it's the cradle I want for my new baby. It's $30, a little rich for my blood just yet.

Love the little bassinet. I didn't even look @ the price for it.

Found this carriage too, I wouldn't mind having the darling dolls too!

These girls were close by so I just had to snap another pic!
Can you tell I'm entering my doll stage in my old age. LOL!!!

Finally, I Got Batteries For My Camera...

Isn't she adorable? I found here @ a local Antique Show this past weekend. It's my first baby doll as an adult and she was only $3.33. I picked up the little bonnet for a dollar @ another booth. Underneath the bonnet is the cutest lil' haircut probably given to her by one of her "momma's". Looks like it was done with those little finger nail scissors. :) I remember my sister coming out of the bathroom one time with her eye's open REALLY WIDE. When Mom asked her why she was looking like that she confessed she had been cutting her bangs with the fingernail scissors and couldn't get them straight and finally gave up when she realized they were only about 1/4" long. Thus the wide eyes, she thought it would make her bangs look longer than they were. Oh what good times childhood brought us!!!!

Baby Brush & Comb

Blurry Photo :(

Ok, I've always wanted one of these little stuffed babies for ever, and how perfect that it's a pink poodle! It too was only $3.33. The Antique Angels were riding around on my shoulder that's for sure!
Well....this pic turned out better than I thought it would. I'm finding that using a flash sure can wash out color as it bounces off what you're taking a pic of. Anyway I picked these up for $7.00 I think. I really enjoy the "spaghetti" look of these two poodles. I already have the little girl that I think goes with them. I found her much earlier in the year. I'll be posting those pics later on. 
Doll Clothes Closet
I've been looking for a Barbie Case for the few pieces of clothing I have, however they are so pricey that I was tickled to find this for $3.33. I plan on making it an "altered art" project for me. I can hardly wait. I'll post it again later once I begin working on it. It's missing the top drawer on the right but has that cool place under the mirror for shoes. 

My eyes won't stay open for much longer so I'm going to call it a night. Have a great end of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Pic...Long Drawn Out Process...

Well, for heavens sake...all I wanted to do was take a couple quick pics of my Saturday finds from a local Antique Show. Goodness....three days later still waiting for batteries...welcome to my world.

Day 1:
"Yea, suns out 
table's cleared off 
pretty blue material is covering the table
my new finds are nicely displayed.
Click...no flash. Okay...grab new batteries...ugh...only cheap ones. Oh well they should work just for a few pics.
Guess again. One pic and they are DEAD!!!
I have rechargeable ones upstairs, running upstairs. UGH...DEAD!!! Where's that darn charger? I know it's up here...can't find it. Give up!!!
Day 2:
Yea, suns out again, everything's still in place...UGH forgot to ask for batteries. Still can't find the charger. I really don't want to tear the upstairs apart just for that...
Day 3: Remembered to ask for batteries, Susie forgot to pick them up after work. Oh well, there's always tomorrow." 
Welcome to my World!!!   LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Mouth still hurts after getting my tooth pulled. Thank goodness for pain pills, just can't get much accomplished while taking them. Did get some more organizing done in my craft area. Trying to get things out where I can see them easily and still have room to work.  
I'm so ready for bed...nite all.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I can hardly wait until I get my implants! I have a health condition that causes my teeth to literally crumble from the outside in. Unfortunately the teeth have VERY strong roots making pulling them quite a challenge. Luckily I have an amazing dentist who provides, free of charge, nitrous oxide. YEA!!!! I've even asked if I could rent the room out by the hour for a good de-stressing nap. He'd make some real bucks if it were available to those of us who could use a good nap! Anyway, I added to my missing teeth by one. I'm now missing two molars and one little bottom front tooth. I'm having to cash out the little bit of retirement I have to pay for those expensive little chewers. Since the housing market crashed the house just isn't selling. On the plus side I now have 18 more Vicodin!!!
 Cheers & Toothless Smiles!!!

Last of the Apples...

After several batches of sauce, pies, crisps, bread and muffins, I finally finished up the last of the apples into more sauce. These posted here are reserved for more muffins for the freezer.  They came from Eastern Washington where my girlfriends folks live. The Macintosh were a bit small but had great flavor this year.
Since they were small I decided to just core them, cut into quarters and use "Grandma's" strainer. It came out smooth and yummy! I LOVE the fragrance of cooking apples!

It's hard to see but mid-summer we installed a vintage farm sink ($200.00 @ a yard sale). It has double drain boards, one on each side. I'll take some pics of the vintage items in the house a bit later including the Youngstown metal cabinets that were installed in the 50's, the house was built in 1926.
We have been working mostly on landscaping but did a light bathroom remodel just after moving in and a floor and paint remodel in the downstairs bedroom a year ago.


Ok, I've come to the conclusion that I love looking at everyone else's blogs so much that if I don't just jump in with both feet I'll never get mine going. I've also realized that I'm doing this for me so I have a record of my life from this day forward. I have always wanted to be able to write down the funny things my "babies" (mini-schnauzer's) do and have them sound as funny as they were when they happened. Not to mention the crazy things that happen to me day in and day out, many of which are kinda nuts. 
I also love so many different things that I haven't been able to narrow down my list for blogging. So...I've decided to include it all, not just the crafts I love but the many things I do and/or have done. I have been so encouraged by the variety of sharing that happens in blogs that I've come across. From the delight of good news: wedding, child birth, new home, vacation, party, invitation to designers opportunity, new job, new pet, thrift store finds etc., to the raw emotion and devastation that life can bring to our door step. I'm thinking I might not have to be quite as careful as I thought while sharing because my life has taken so many unpopular turns before ending up here. I've often thought "no one will ever understand what has brought me to this place or why I'm here"! All I know is I'm happier then I've ever been. 
I'm going to try to post every "hump" day (Wednesday's). More often if I start getting the hang of recording everything in pictures so I can post them. They are my favorite part of looking through other's blogs!!! I hope you enjoy the daily dog, kitty pics, music etc. that is a part of my blog page. I won't be having any challenges or give aways just an open door to "our" world here in Washington.